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How To Play

Tweet a time and date you believe the hanky will drop to end Florida’s 2021 regular legislative session, as reported by @Fineout. You must hashtag #CateSineDie.

If no hanky drops because it’s being used to wipe tears due to an extended session, the official sine die time will be the moment the last chamber sine dies (that sounds morbid), budget or no budget (that sounds even worse).

And Price is Right rules apply — meaning our winner will be the closest without going over. Once your time passes, you are out. If you don’t like that, take it up with @XopherFL

Entries due Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 3pm.

What You Win

Everyone wins. Session is over, right? But seriously, the winner will win a $500 contribution to a (respectable) charity of your choosing.

All Years

This is a tradition for fun and charity, don't ruin it. All #Cate jokes made by David Johnson are his and his alone, retweets do not constitute endorsements. If you don't win, no millennial participation Rubio "victory" speeches. If you win and aren't down with choosing your own charity, I'll donate the $500 to the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. Thanks for reading the disclaimer. Climate change is real. #CateDisclaimers